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For those of you who are not Alaskans, you will probably see in the news that a volcano "near" Anchorage erupted.  By near, they mean 106 miles Southwest, on the other side of Cook Inlet from most of the habitation.  Knik is about 50 miles away.  The volcano poses secondary risk to people in Anchorage with respitory problems, and may make morning commute hell.  As for fire and brimstone, we are safe. 

EDIT, Anchorage folks, roumor has it that we may get loght ash fall around 2:00 AM this morning.  

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I was counting on fire and brimstone!
A day without brimstone is like a day without bureaucracy? :-D

So it's the Australian 'near' rather than the European 'near'!

Hey there - It was great to meet you. Hope you bounce back from surgery fast.

I've added you to my friends list. =)

Hey there!

I have a new LJ identity.

Same Mischief, new LJ. I'd appreciate it if you would 'friend' me back. =)



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